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Dr. Anjanpal Kaur Bhalla started Evershine Family Dentistry in 2014 with a vision of ensuring ‘Healthy Beautiful Smiles’ for all age groups. From children to seniors, patients on numerous occasions have expressed high levels of confidence in her care. She believes in lasting, trust based relationships with patients, the foundations for which are based on high standards of care delivered in a professional environment using current technology but with a gentle touch. Dr. Bhalla, a graduate of University of British Columbia, has been practicing in Surrey and the Lower Mainland since 2004. She is fluent in English, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu. Evershine Family Dentistry is very accessible given its location close to Strawberry Hill and Scottsdale Centre Mall which are major commercial and retail hubs in Surrey and Delta. Ground floor access and ample Free Parking further provide key convenience for patients.


Dr. Anjan K. Bhalla

Dr. Rashi Soni




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